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Frattabella agritourism

The Villa Frattabella agritourism is a welcoming and comfortable farmhouse, located inland in the province of Pesaro Urbino, surrounded by the green hills of Marche and...

Montevecchio apartment

In Montevecchio, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, a comfortable and elegant apartment... SEE STRUCTURE

San Vito B&B

The Bed and Breakfast in San Vito sul Cesano... SEE STRUCTURE


TERRITORY The Villa Frattabella agritourism is located in the Marche region, nestled in the hills of the province of Pesaro - Urbino, at 530 metres above sea level.

For more information regarding Pergola, the Valle del Cesano and the surrounding area, visit www.valcesano.com

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From the Frattabella Villa agritourism it is easy to reach:

  • the Gilded Bronzes of Pergola (6 km)
  • the Ruins of the Ancient City of Suasa (10km)
  • the Frasassi Caves (30 km) Urbino (40 km)
  • the Hermitage of Fonte Avellana (20 km)
  • the Adriatic sea, with the seaside towns of Marotta and Senigallia (35 km) and Fano.



Bronzi Dorati di Pergola Grotte di Frasassi
Gilded Bronzes of Pergola Ruins of Suasa Frasassi Caves
Eremo di Fonte Avellana Urbino e il Ducato di Montefeltro Senigallia e il Mar Adriatico
Hermitage of Fonte Avellana Urbino and the Duchy of Montefeltro Senigallia and the Adriatic Sea
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